DAYSON masking tapes that are developed for professionals.


Professionals prefer to use them because of their superior quality and performance.

Dayson Professional masking tapes, providing the same quality and performance in every shipment, further enhance their proven performance and strive to exceed the expectations of their customers.

Professional masking tape is increasing the needs of users;

The most demanding industrial paints,

Surfaces painted with the latest technology,

Wide temperature range,

Water based or solvent based paints,

Dayson masking tape products of the highest quality standard designed to meet the needs of this market help you improve your costs by getting the best performance.

Extensive knowledge and technical capacity of years helps us to offer you the best product at the most affordable cost.


It is produced by applying solvent based natural rubber adhesive on crepe paper developed for all kinds of painting works.


- General masking

- Spray painting

- Holding sealing

- Fixing

- Domestic DIY

- Domestic Industrial grade painting

- No trace


-Residue free removal

-Easy tear

-Very good result even uneven surfaces

-High initial tack

-High conformability

-Very good on curving application


Backing - Impregnated Crepe Paper

Adhesive - Solvent-based, Natural Rubber

Tensile Strength MD - 85 ± 20 (N/25mm) TM 5004 by Afera

Elongation at Break MD - 8 ± 2 (%) - TM 5004 by Afera

Peel Adhesion on Stainless Steel - 3 ± 1 (N/25mm) - TM 5001 by Afera

Paper thickness -90 ± 15 (mic) - Total thickness 105 ± 15 (mic)

Application Range General Purpose. Non oven automotive surface